October Net Worth

4,256 (-580)

Roth IRA Basis:
6,933 (+150)

Contribution Basis: 3,381
Company Match: 3,381
Total: 6,762 (+244)


0 (-1,500)

Truck (Value 5,000):
300 (+100)


Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
30,151 (-1,586)

“Liquid” Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
17,951 (-186)


Chase Freedom:
0 (-4)

Chase Unlimited:
0 (-22)

American Express:
93 (+86)

Bank CC:

Student Loan:
Paid on loan: 278.16 (166 Principal / 112 Interest)
Balance: 22,622 (-163)

Truck Loan:

Total Liabilities:
27,450 (-199)

Net Worth:
+2,701 (-882)

Monthly Income: 1,778
Monthly Assets Change: -1,586
Monthly Liabilities Change: -199
Monthly Net Worth Change: -882
Mortgage Principal Paid: 263
Monthly Savings Rate (IRA/401k+Match/Cash/StudenLoan/MortgPrincipal): 355 (20%) x .55 = 11(All expenses are shared jointly, me @ 55%, Fiance @ 45%)

Credit Score:
Credit Karma scores:  746 TU / 739 Equifax
FICO score:  752

Definitely a tough looking month here!  But with some good news as well.  I was promoted at work, and that was the next step in The Plan!  As a result, my pay switched to bi-weekly, so I essentially missed $570 of savings.  My savings rate would be more like 22%.  Going forward, I may have some wonky looking months since I my pay will be bi-weekly, but it should balance out the following month!

I did some naughty spending this month, including an anniversary gift of around $200 and a trip north with the fiance costing around $600 as well in fun, food and shopping.  However, with the new promotion and getting my new routines back in place, I should be coming out on top.  There is some debt I am not tracking due to a joint effort by fiance and I to pay off (8 new tires, exciting!), so the cash savings may be lower than normal, but a few months from now everything should be settled and on the way to glory!

I sold the car, but a large chunk went to the ridiculous spending from this month.  Another bit of it disappeared due to paying the Joint account but not getting paid last week, resulting in a ~$425 deficit.  So – this month there was some lack of discipline but also lack of income stability, so it was a rough one all around.  Next month should be looking better!

E&I For 10/19-10-25

Total CC: 265.27
Total Debit: 0
Total Cash: 5.00
Total Expenses: 270.27

Paycheck: 609.04
401k: 25.04
Total Income: 634.08


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 60.17
Gas: 55.79
Medical: 15
Other: 125.31

Expenses: 42%
Savings: 54.1%
Retirement: 3.9%

I had a pretty terrible week this week with a lot of extra spending.  GF and I had our 2-year anniversary which included $55 in flowers and a nice dinner.  Plus I went out on the town and also to dinner then next day with some friends.  I still managed to save over half this week, so not too bad.  I secured a new job with a decent starting pay rate of 15.9 per hour.  If I get hired permanently it would boost up to 16.60-17.60 depending on shift, and cap out after 3 years at approximately 20.60+ cost of living adjustments.

E&I For 10/12-10/18

Total CC: 93.91
Total Debit: 425.24
Total Cash: 10.00
Total Expenses: 529.15

Paycheck: 674.93
401k: 28.39
Total Income: 704.32


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 30.19
Internet: 10.30
Student Loan: 425.24
Other/Extras: 63.42

Expenses: 75.1%
Savings: 20.9%
Retirement: 4.0%

Not a terrible week this week, considering most of my expenses went to student loans.  I paid off my smallest student loan.  It had 4.5% interest.  Over the ten-year period I saved myself nearly $90 in interest, so not a bad choice.  I would have had another huge week in savings without that payment, but I decided I wanted to blast that small one out while I had a surplus.

E&I For 10/5-10/11

Total CC: 170.59
Total Debit: 59.70
Total Cash: 10.00
Total Expenses: 240.29

Paycheck: 570.33
401k: 23.54
Total Income: 593.87


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 11.00
Gas: 44.00
Utilities: 79.00
Student Loan: 59.70
Other/Extras: 55.59

Expenses: 40.4%
Savings: 55.7%
Retirement: 3.9%

I had a pretty decent week this week, considering all but $55 of my expenses were unavoidable.  I am getting a bit of overtime at work, so my final two paychecks should be better than usual,  No more Union Dues shuould be taken out, etiher.  I should be able to save over 75% of my last two paychecks, allowing me a solid 900 or so addition to my bank account before the layoff.

E&I For 9/28-10/4

Total CC: 153.16
Total Debit: 0.00
Total Cash: 0.00
Total Expenses: 153.16 + 39.23 Union Dues

Paycheck: 536.11
401k: 23.54
Total Income: 559.65


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 89.52
Gas: 0.00
Other/Extras: 63.64 (20+ over budget)

Expenses: 27.3%
Savings: 68.5%
Retirement: 4.2%

Another decent week!  I made it over 50% savings which is the primary goal.  I would like to save over 50% each week other than my big “payments” week which includes rent and utilites.  I went over budget because I had a bit of fun this weekend and spent some money, and I bought $30 worth of birthday present for my nephew.  Gotta do what you gotta do.  Still came out on top with 68.5% savings!  Three more paychecks until I am laid off.  I am on track to have about 5,700 (including cash) saved by the time I get my last paycheck, one week after I get laid off.  Unemployment should cover all expenses until I can land another job.

E&I For 9/21-9/27

Total CC: 87.33
Total Debit: 0.00
Total Cash: 5.00
Total Expenses: 92.33

Paycheck: 600.51
401k: 24.64
Total Income: 636.15


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 40.89
Gas: 0.00
Other/Extras: 51.44 (~23.00 over available budget)

Expenses: 14.5%
Savings: 81.7%
Retirement: 3.8%

I did pretty well this week.  I came in with a 16.00 available budget from going over last week, and I was doing good until I bought dinner for some friends and had some folks over, a $21.00 hit.  But I am still doing well and had a strong week with over 80% savings!  Next 5-7 days will be big with 400 for rent, 80 for utils, and 60 for student loan coming out.

CC Total: 788.06 (All in 0 APR payment balance)

E&I for 9/14-9/20

Total CC: 199.08
Total Debit: 0.00
Total Cash: 34.00
Total Expenses: 233.08

Paycheck: 575.35
401k: 23.54
Total Income: 598.89


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 62.53
Gas: 26.62
Internet: 10.50
Gym: 34.00
Other/Extras: 100.33 (17.66 over available budget)

Expenses: 38.9%
Savings: 57.1%
Retirement: 3.9%

Not a terrible week when I break the percentages down.  I went over my available budget by quite a bit due to homecoming this weekend.  Luckily I had done pretty well the past few weeks and had a surplus and only ended up going over by 17 or so bucks.   Made my available budget for this week 16 bucks instead of the usual 50+ to try to compensate.  Would love to start building my portfolio with something like Loyal3 but with the upcoming layoff I am keeping everything on hold until I get another job nailed down.  Oh the joys.