The Plan: Phase Three

It’s been a heck of a time these past few months!  I have been busy working and hibernating (winter time), but some exciting new developments and changes have boosted my net worth.  I plan to get back on track and get more consistent updates going again.

First off: THE PLAN!  Remember a post a long time ago when I was laid off and looking for work?  When I wanted to get myself to a level where I know my skillset will be utilized?  To not just have a job, but start a career?  How I wanted to get myself a higher level of income to achieve my goals, ultimately: Financial Freedom?  It has proceeded to another step, and I was able to be promoted again at work!

About three years ago I was laid off and on unemployment… I found a temp job and income was around $26k.  They decided to hire me full-time, and then I was sitting at around $33k a year income in a manual labor position.  A year into that I got a small promotion to a more office-environment job, and the income went up to around $40k a year.  A few months ago I was awarded with another promotion, and my new income is sitting at around $59k a year!  Woot!

Through nothing but hard work and dedication over the past three years, I was able to more than double my income.  NICE!

On to the next exciting development, I was the recipient of a small windfall recently.  A dear friend of mine (he’s about 80) taught me about the stock market long ago.  He is substantially wealthy, and one day we put together stock portfolio as part of a lesson / showing me the ropes.  Over the course of 4-5 years, we let the portfolio sit and we observed, made trades, and rode the roller coaster.  Recently we decided to call it quits.  In the end, the portfolio had gained around 25%.  He is a kind enough man that he decided to gift me the capital gains (after all fees and taxes) so I could use it to pay off debt.  How cool is that?  For now, the windfall was around $13k.  There is potential for more coming in 2017, as the capital gains were around $25k.

I did exactly what he wished: used that stuff to build myself up and pay off those debts!  The $4,500 truck loan is GONE!  My student loan has taken a near $9,000 reduction!  I was also able to beef up my emergency fund to around $5,000 – a number I feel good with that – my Roth can be a second $8k emergency if it’s life or death.  Thanks to this friend’s generosity and our trust in each other, I have been able to make a huge dent in my debt and increase my net worth by thousands.  Now, on to the newest numbers!

6,600 (+2,300)

Roth IRA Basis:
8,030 (+1100)

Contribution Basis: 4,400
Company Match: 4,400
Total: 8,800 (+2038)


3,000 (-500)

4,500 (+4,200)


Personal Assets:
12,000 (reworked, +4,600)

Total Assets:
44,580 (+15,079)

“Liquid” Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
24,080 (+6,192)


Chase Freedom:

Chase Unlimited:

American Express:

Bank CC:

Student Loan:
Balance: 13,200 (-9,422)

Truck Loan:
0 (-4,700)

Total Liabilities:
13,200 (-14,250)

Net Worth:
+31,380 (+28,679)

Credit Score:
Credit Karma scores:  767 TU / 759 Equifax
FICO score:  773
Chase Transunion: 767

*mic drop*

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