August Net Worth

4,664+50 = 4,714 (+352)

Roth IRA Basis:
6,533 (+200)

Contribution Basis: 3,044
Company Match: 3,044
Total: 6,088 (+338)



Truck (Value 5,000):


Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
30,935 (+1,090)

“Liquid” Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
17,335  (+890)


Chase Freedom:
4 (+4)

Chase Unlimited:

American Express:
61 (-26)

Bank CC:

Student Loan:
Paid on loan: 278.16 (157 Principal / 121 Interest)
Balance: 22,954 (-169)

Truck Loan:

Total Liabilities:
28,154 (+4,909)

Net Worth:
+2,781 (-3,819)

Monthly Income: 2,406
Monthly Assets Change: 1,090
Monthly Liabilities Change: +4,909
Monthly Net Worth Change: -3,819
Monthly Savings Rate (IRA/401k+Match/Cash/StudenLoan/MortgPrincipal): 1,472 (61%) x .55 = 34(All expenses are shared jointly, me @ 55%, Fiance @ 45%)

Credit Score:
Credit Karma scores:  764 TU / 753 Equifax
FICO score:  739

Tough month this month, as we did quite a bit of landscape work, I bought a truck, and have yet to sell the car.  When I get the car sold, there’ll be another $1,500 in the bank to help offset some of the cost.  We decided it’d just be good to go back to a solid truck, as we were borrowing folks’ trucks every other week for stuff.  That, or we were loading up my car for 3-4 trips to the hardware store for landscape rocks.

My plan is to of course pay off that truck ASAP, as it’s the highest interest.  It’s got some low miles, and I was able to snag it under Blue Book value, so I feel comfortable with the purchase.  It’s got a solid body for being a 2001, and low miles at high 90’s.  Hopefully she’ll last us a good three or four years before the repairs become too great to justify keeping it!

2 thoughts on “August Net Worth

  1. If the truck has been kept in good shape should last longer as vehicles are constantly going longer mileage and years.

    I have a 99 dodge diesel with 160,000 miles on it plan on keeping it awhile. One year I did have to drop like 5000 on it but that is still cheaper than a payment for 5 or 6 years


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