July Net Worth

4,312+50 = 4,362 (+170)

Roth IRA Basis:
6,333 (+200)

Contribution Basis: 2,875
Company Match: 2,875
Total: 5,750 (+382)




Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
29,845 (+752)

“Liquid” Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
16,445 (+752)


Chase Freedom:
0 (-0)

American Express:
87 (+49)

Bank CC:

Student Loan:
Paid on loan: 278.16 (171 Principal / 107 Interest)
Balance: 23,123 (-161)

Total Liabilities:
23,245 (-112)

Net Worth:
+6,600 (+864)

Mortgage Breakdown:
Appraisal:  160,000
Loan Balance:  149,075
Equity:  10,925
July Payment:  258 P / 482 I / 311 E = 1,051

Monthly Income: 2,688
Monthly Assets Change: 752
Monthly Liabilities Change: -112
Monthly Net Worth Change: +864
Monthly Savings Rate (IRA/401k+Match/Cash/StudenLoan/MortgPrincipal): 1,288 (48%) x .55 = 26(All expenses are shared jointly, me @ 55%, Fiance @ 45%)

Credit Score:
Credit Karma scores:  755 TU / 749 Equifax
FICO score:  739

Decent month for July.  I definitely came out low on cash savings, but 401k and Roth were consistent, not to mention another consistent student loan payment.  This month, we spent a lot of cash on landscape materials for the house, about $150 total.  I also had to buy a new power supply unit for my computer that cost $60 – it couldn’t run without replacing it.  Not to mention the dog’s haircut and a new pair of sunglasses (I lost a pair I just bought last month) for another $50.  We also had a nasty vet bill, costing us each $50.  I still managed to come out ahead, so that’s a plus!

This month was also a big deal because we got engaged!  We are one step further in our relationship, and are preparing to get married in about a year’s time.  She is the best, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.  She is also a good  help with the finances – she pays her fair share of all shared costs, including retirement, utilities, food and the big ones like mortgage and student loans.  We are looking forward to a bright future!

It was cool to see how my 401k and Roth IRA are growing.  After looking at the monthly balances, they were both over 6,000 (market price) which was pretty cool to see!  Just a couple years ago I had no 401k and my Roth IRA had just started with the $1,000 minimum.  It’s easy to see if we continue down this path, along with putting nearly $500 a month towards student loans (hers and mine), we are setting ourselves up for success down the road.

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