September Net Worth

Lil’ Sizzlers Portfolio:
Total Market Value: 990 (+15)
Total Divs: 32.81 (+8.88)

1,594+150+767 = 2,511 (+429)

Roth IRA Basis:
4,585 (+200)

Roth IRA Cap Gains/Divs:
-250 9/30 Gains (-61)
+46.21 2014 DRIP
Total: -154

My Contribution Basis: 901
Company Match:  901
Total: 1,802 (+274)

CC Cash Back:



Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
20,101 (+1,080)

“Liquid” Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
9,901 (+1,080)


Chase Freedom:
72 Payment Bal (-248 – this is at 0 at the moment)

Bank CC:
25 (+25)

Student Loan:
Paid on loan: 388
Balance: 24,034 (-283)

Total Liablities:
24,131 (-506)

Net Worth:
-4,030 (+1,586)

Monthly Income: 1,900
Monthly Assets Change: +1,080
Monthly Liabilities Change: -506
Monthly Net Worth Change: +1,586
Monthly Savings Rate (IRA/401k+Match/Investments/Cash/StudenLoan): 68% or $1304.

Great boost this month, but the cash numbers look better than they really are.  We happened to end the month on the day before rent came out and a grocery trip in the near future as well.  However, it was still a solid month and I was able to knock my credit card down to zero (as of yesterday), so I was able to utilize the full 15 month 0% interest period without paying a cent of interest.

Ending the month, we are using a different strategy for about 8 more weeks.  Paying less on the student loan and putting more towards and immediate college debt for my girlfriend.  It’ll total up to about $850, and then things will get back to normal.  Other than that, continuing to chug along.  Stagnant on cash growth at the moment, but I have a decent savings cushion and our joint bank account continues to have a decent cushion as well.

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