July Net Worth

Lil’ Sizzlers Portfolio:
Total Market Value: 1,040 (-25)
Total Divs: 23.93 (0)

1,604+100+428 = 2,132 (+489)

Roth IRA Basis:
4,210 (+234)

Roth IRA Cap Gains/Divs:
+57 7/31 Gains (+17)
+46.21 2014 DRIP
Total: 103

My Contribution Basis: 627
Company Match:  627
Total: 1254 (+428)

CC Cash Back:
13 (0)



Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
18,976 (+1,153)

“Liquid” Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
8,776 (+1,177)


Chase Freedom:
240 Payment Bal (Zero % APR) (-280)

Bank CC:
19 (+19)

Student Loan:
Paid on loan: 480
Balance: 24,592 (-380)

Total Liablities:
24,851 (-632)

Net Worth:
-5,875 (+1,785) – WOW!

Monthly Income: 2,900
Monthly Assets Change: +1,153
Monthly Liabilities Change: -632
Monthly Net Worth Change: +1,785
Monthly Savings Rate (IRA/401k+Match/Investments/Cash/StudentLoan): 56% or $1,631!

Exemplary month, here!  This may be my best month yet.  With the opportunity to not only work a holiday for a day of time and a half, I also worked over 40 hours of overtime on top of that.  Plus, it was a 5-week month, so even more income and savings than usual.  I banked a lot of the extra cash and put some into the credit card to prepare for a full payoff within the next couple of months.  I purchased a bicycle at a retail store, orginially $190 and I walked out paying $105 due to sales, discounts and coupons.  That’s a score!

I hope to continue another month with at least a few hours of overtime here and  there.  This month includes a trip to the Packers’ Training Camp, so I’ll definitely be losing some money there.  But I had a good month, and am prepared to spend a bit to enjoy myself and time with my friends/girlfriend.  I should be receiving a pay raise starting this week as well.  A small raise of $0.50/hour, but still it adds up to a $936 gross per year increase!

Till next time!

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