April Net Worth


Lil’ Sizzlers Portfolio:
Total Market Value: 1,129 (+417)
Total Divs: 11.02

1,617+300 = 1917 (-715)

Roth IRA Basis:
3,697 (+170)

Roth IRA Cap Gains/Divs:
+96 4/30 Gains (+61)
+46.21 2014 DRIP
Total: 142

My Contribution Basis: 158
Company Match: 158
Total: 316 (+316)

CC Cash Back:



Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
17,212 (+238)

Liquid Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
7,212 (+259)


Chase Freedom:
500 Payment Bal (Zero % APR) (-75)

Bank CC:
21 (+0)

Student Loan:
Paid on loan: 686
Balance: 25,527 (-583)

Total Liablities:
26,048 (-658)

Net Worth:
-8,836 (+896)

Monthly Income: 2218
Monthly Assets Change: +238
Monthly Liabilities Change: -658
Monthly Net Worth Change: +896
Monthly Savings Rate (ret/inv/cash/loan): 39% or $874

Decent month here in April.  With my tax refund exhausted, I came back down to level ground and got back on track with normal amounts of cash.  I saw a big hit on cash due to a $300 student loan payment, as well as boosting up my payment to $96 per week, averaging $416 per month instead of the normal $300 I was doing.  I am also “losing” $25 or so per week in cash due to 401k starting up at the beginning of the month.  Those two, along with a Chevron purchase of $419, lost me over 800 in the cash supply.  I may decide to put the Lil Sizzlers on hold for a while, and work up a larger cash fund for ’emergency’ situations.  I will continue with my 401k and IRA contributions.  Definitely excited to have the 401k started and am taking advantage of that 5% match.

A small raise is near, and by the end of the month I may be making about 50 cents an hour more, which will be nice.  May be adding a few additions to the home gym, which will cost but also raise the net worth by a few dollars.  This is my last month of $400 rent, and starting in June it will move to $475.  That obviously isn’t great, but I am moving into a new place with my lady and it’s very nice and worth the extra cash.  Besides that, I will continue normal spending and enjoying life.  With the weather getting nice, it’s awesome to be able to head outside and take advantage of the motorcycle and other fun things!