January Net Worth


Lil’ Sizzlers Portfolio:
F: 79.98+1.88 Div = 81.86 (+1.86)
T: 244.28+3.30 Div = (+247.58)

1,882 (+164)

Roth IRA Basis:
2,947.20 (+100.02)

Roth IRA Cap Gains/Divs:
-21.39 Gains (+13.86)
+46.21 2014 DRIP
Total: +24.82

CC Cash Back:
8.00 (+.30)



Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
15,191.46 (+573.83)

Liquid Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
5158 (+513)


Chase Freedom:
800 Payment Bal (Zero % APR) (+15)

Bank CC:
21 (+21)

Student Loan:
26,715 (-176)

Total Liablities:
27,536 (-140)

Net Worth:
-12,345 (+714… Woot!)

Net Worth w/o Student Loan & Last Pmt:
14,670 (+535)

Well, January was a decent month for me!  I increased my overall net worth by over 700 dollars.  While I find it sad that I put 300 a month into my student loan and only knock off 175 of that from the overall total, at least I’m moving in the right direction.  This student loan is just a killer and really dampens the mood.  However, I’m doing it smart and taking it all out of one of the highest interest loans.  My stock purchase earlier this month caused a lack of cash increase but it was not reflected as a loss in assets.  My CC balance continues to float around 7-800 for that good utilization rate the credit keepers like to see.  I missed 12 hours of work this month as well due to two half-days off of work to catch the Packers games (a loss of $145). I will continue to remain vigilant and keep doing what I can do!  I have scored a permanent job (before I was seasonal) which allows me a small pay raise as well as a 100% match up to 5% on my 401k, after 60 days.  That will be huge!  I can’t wait to get that started.

Monthly Income: 1,607
Monthly Assets Change: 573
Monthly Liabilities Change: -140
Monthly Net Worth Change: +714
Monthly Savings Rate (ret/inv/cash/loan): 54% ($873)

2 thoughts on “January Net Worth

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent net worth update with us. That 401k match will help that’s for sure along with a steady full time job instead of just seasonal work. Keep paying down those debts one brick at a time and keep an eye on those dividend stocks going forward. Look forward to your next update.


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