A New Buy

After researching several articles and sources of high dividend yield stocks, I decided to make a recent purchase to add to my portfolio.  AT&T was my decision for my second investment (Ford was first).  It has a great return of 5.56%, and it’s a “Champion” which means it’s been handing out steady dividends for many, many years.  I see AT&T as a solid company and I don’t think they are going anywhere for a long time.  I was able to purchase 7 shares at 33.81.  T’s 52 week range is 31.74 – 37.48, so I acquired it at a fair price.  T has shown positive gain over the years, and has remained fairly steady over the past 5 years.  I am comfortable with this purchase, and am looking forward to seeing some dividend returns to be DRIPped into this stock!  I actually will be receiving my first dividend on Feb 2nd already, as they announced the ex-div date as next Wednesday!

Stock Order:
Stock: AT&T (T)
Quantity: 7
Price: 33.81
Cost Basis: 236.67
Commission: 4.95
Total Cost: 241.62
52 Week: 31.74 – 37.48
P/E: 10.37
Dividend/Yield: $.47 / 5.56%

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