November Net Worth


Lil’ Sizzlers Portfolio:
Ford: 80.04 Mkt Value + 1.88 Div = 81.92 (+10.29) – DRIPped $0.63 for .04 shares on 12/1

1,121.00 (-4084)

Roth IRA Basis:

Roth IRA Cap Gains/Divs:

CC Cash Back:



Personal Assets:
4600 (+100)

Total Assets:
13,793.09 (-1593)

Liquid Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
3942 (-1,744)


Chase Freedom:
686.00 Payment Bal (Zero % APR) (-82)

Bank CC:

Student Loan:
27,077 (-751)

Total Liablities:
27,837 (-759)

Net Worth:
-14,044 (-834… Ouch)

Net Worth w/o Student Loan & Last Pmt:
13,923 (-695)

Well, this was a pretty rough month for me.  I admit to a huge lack of discipline with my spending  this month.  Looking at my statement, I spent over $225 in going out drinking and eating, including carry out/fast food.  Then I dropped another $170 on a birthday gift for my girl, which is of course fine, since I don’t buy her stuff much, but ouch.  There’s $400 that I’ll never see again.  Then I dropped $95 on a stereo system for my gym that was justified, but that totals almost $500 in extra spending this month that would normally be around $100 or so.  With Christmas coming up I’m expecting another decent chunk this month, but I will cut down on the eating out.  One occasion alone was a $65 dollar night… Absurd.

In a positive light, though, I threw down $890 on my student loan and maimed one of my 6.55% loans.  It took out over a third of it, so I plan on paying it off within the next two or three months.  Credit debt stayed about the same – a bit of a decrease which is always welcome.  I like holding the balance at around 700 for credit score and utilization purposes.  Bank CC will be paid in full before interest date, of course.  My Roth IRA was very exciting and it’s already made me some cash.  I am looking forward to building on this awesome investment!

Overall, a rough month indeed, but there were a few positives in there.  After Christmas I should be back on track, as long as I don’t get laid off from my new job for too long.

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