E&I For 10/19-10-25

Total CC: 265.27
Total Debit: 0
Total Cash: 5.00
Total Expenses: 270.27

Paycheck: 609.04
401k: 25.04
Total Income: 634.08


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 60.17
Gas: 55.79
Medical: 15
Other: 125.31

Expenses: 42%
Savings: 54.1%
Retirement: 3.9%

I had a pretty terrible week this week with a lot of extra spending.  GF and I had our 2-year anniversary which included $55 in flowers and a nice dinner.  Plus I went out on the town and also to dinner then next day with some friends.  I still managed to save over half this week, so not too bad.  I secured a new job with a decent starting pay rate of 15.9 per hour.  If I get hired permanently it would boost up to 16.60-17.60 depending on shift, and cap out after 3 years at approximately 20.60+ cost of living adjustments.

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