E&I For 10/12-10/18

Total CC: 93.91
Total Debit: 425.24
Total Cash: 10.00
Total Expenses: 529.15

Paycheck: 674.93
401k: 28.39
Total Income: 704.32


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 30.19
Internet: 10.30
Student Loan: 425.24
Other/Extras: 63.42

Expenses: 75.1%
Savings: 20.9%
Retirement: 4.0%

Not a terrible week this week, considering most of my expenses went to student loans.  I paid off my smallest student loan.  It had 4.5% interest.  Over the ten-year period I saved myself nearly $90 in interest, so not a bad choice.  I would have had another huge week in savings without that payment, but I decided I wanted to blast that small one out while I had a surplus.

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