E&I For 10/5-10/11

Total CC: 170.59
Total Debit: 59.70
Total Cash: 10.00
Total Expenses: 240.29

Paycheck: 570.33
401k: 23.54
Total Income: 593.87


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 11.00
Gas: 44.00
Utilities: 79.00
Student Loan: 59.70
Other/Extras: 55.59

Expenses: 40.4%
Savings: 55.7%
Retirement: 3.9%

I had a pretty decent week this week, considering all but $55 of my expenses were unavoidable.  I am getting a bit of overtime at work, so my final two paychecks should be better than usual,  No more Union Dues shuould be taken out, etiher.  I should be able to save over 75% of my last two paychecks, allowing me a solid 900 or so addition to my bank account before the layoff.

4 thoughts on “E&I For 10/5-10/11

  1. Thanks for sharing your income and expenses with us. Do you have a dividend stock portfolio? I know many are creating passive monthly income via their dividend investments.


    • Thanks for the comment DivHut. I have a tiny portfolio with 5 shares of Ford giving me a low yield dividend. I am firing up a Vanguard Roth IRA in two weeks with a 401k rollover and some cash reserves. It will be the most aggressive $1000 minimum fund they have. I am losing my job thru layoff next week so I am on hold for further investments, unfortunately. Once I get another steady job I’ll be kicking it into full gear though.


  2. You’ve been killing it with your savings ratio lately! Good job! I think I’m going to adapt your strategy and keep track of weekly expenses. I find that a monthly budget is too long of a time frame and I start to lose motivation. Once the month is done, then I’ll compile the data and analyze it that way.

    Sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully you are able to find a new one fairly quick!


    • Stefan, thanks for the comment. Definitely, weekly is the way to go for me. It helps me reset if I have a tough week, and just keeps things in perspective more. I recommend it! Tough with the job loss, but I’ve already got an interview set up so things are looking up.


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