September Net Worth

This was done on Oct 8. so I am not including -$480 of rent and utilities that was paid on the 6th, or +$536.11 paycheck on the 3rd, or $23.52 of 401k on the 3rd.


Lil’ Sizzlers Portfolio:
Ford: 71.05 Value +1.88 Div = 72.92 (-16.30)

4558 (+835)

299.95 (+80.8)



Personal Assets:

Total Assets:
13,630 (+877)

Liquid Assets (cash, stock and retirement):
4,930 (+877)


Chase Freedom:
717 Payment Bal (ZERO % APR) (-233)

Student Loan:
28,218 (+89.08)

Total Liablities:
28,935 (-143.92)

Net Worth:
-15,305 (+1021)

Net Worth w/o Student Loan:
12,913 (+1100)

Pretty good month!  I increased my net worth by 1,021, bringing it to a total of -15,305.  Once I get this layoff situation completed and find another job, I plan to throw a lot of money onto that student loan and get it hammered down.  Some big things are happening this month including loss of job, as well as opening of my Roth IRA thru Vanguard.  That may come early November, but we will see how fast they get stuff done.  I am doing good on E&I and am saving quite a bit outside of this big week of rent, utilities and student loan (which isn’t included since this is Sept Net Worth).

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