E&I For 9/28-10/4

Total CC: 153.16
Total Debit: 0.00
Total Cash: 0.00
Total Expenses: 153.16 + 39.23 Union Dues

Paycheck: 536.11
401k: 23.54
Total Income: 559.65


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 89.52
Gas: 0.00
Other/Extras: 63.64 (20+ over budget)

Expenses: 27.3%
Savings: 68.5%
Retirement: 4.2%

Another decent week!  I made it over 50% savings which is the primary goal.  I would like to save over 50% each week other than my big “payments” week which includes rent and utilites.  I went over budget because I had a bit of fun this weekend and spent some money, and I bought $30 worth of birthday present for my nephew.  Gotta do what you gotta do.  Still came out on top with 68.5% savings!  Three more paychecks until I am laid off.  I am on track to have about 5,700 (including cash) saved by the time I get my last paycheck, one week after I get laid off.  Unemployment should cover all expenses until I can land another job.

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