E&I For 9/21-9/27

Total CC: 87.33
Total Debit: 0.00
Total Cash: 5.00
Total Expenses: 92.33

Paycheck: 600.51
401k: 24.64
Total Income: 636.15


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 40.89
Gas: 0.00
Other/Extras: 51.44 (~23.00 over available budget)

Expenses: 14.5%
Savings: 81.7%
Retirement: 3.8%

I did pretty well this week.  I came in with a 16.00 available budget from going over last week, and I was doing good until I bought dinner for some friends and had some folks over, a $21.00 hit.  But I am still doing well and had a strong week with over 80% savings!  Next 5-7 days will be big with 400 for rent, 80 for utils, and 60 for student loan coming out.

CC Total: 788.06 (All in 0 APR payment balance)

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