E&I for 9/14-9/20

Total CC: 199.08
Total Debit: 0.00
Total Cash: 34.00
Total Expenses: 233.08

Paycheck: 575.35
401k: 23.54
Total Income: 598.89


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 62.53
Gas: 26.62
Internet: 10.50
Gym: 34.00
Other/Extras: 100.33 (17.66 over available budget)

Expenses: 38.9%
Savings: 57.1%
Retirement: 3.9%

Not a terrible week when I break the percentages down.  I went over my available budget by quite a bit due to homecoming this weekend.  Luckily I had done pretty well the past few weeks and had a surplus and only ended up going over by 17 or so bucks.   Made my available budget for this week 16 bucks instead of the usual 50+ to try to compensate.  Would love to start building my portfolio with something like Loyal3 but with the upcoming layoff I am keeping everything on hold until I get another job nailed down.  Oh the joys.

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