E & I For 9/7-9/13

Total CC: 149.35
Total Debit: 59.70
Total Cash: 6.xx
Total Expenses: 215.29

Paycheck: 570.33
401k: 23.54
Total Income: 593.87


Expense Breakdown:
Grocery/Household: 27.17
Student Loan: 59.70
Amazon Prime Membership: 99.00 (50 will be “reimbursed” making this 49.00)
Other/Extras: 29.42

Did pretty well this week, coming out nearly 400 on top.  Big hits were student loan payment and my Amazon Prime membership.  I will save $50 on that by not sending $50 to parents for cell phone and insurance bills, since we all share the same Prime acct and it’s in my name.  I should remain fairly steady with this upcoming week as well.  Only a $10.50 hit for internet, one gas fill-up and maybe some groceries.  I’ve done some early “extras” spending already today, and will be spending a bit more this weekend for the college homecoming, but I’ve got a bit of a reserve for my available budget.

2 thoughts on “E & I For 9/7-9/13

  1. Solid work on saving a good chunk your income brah!
    Keep up he habit of paying yourself first and i can ensure you will be amazed by the results! good luck on keeping that budget tight for home coming. thanks for sharing



    • Thanks DD. It’s awesome how much my bank account is growing right now. I’m devastated with my job loss coming this Friday. It’s tough to get a $20/hour job these days and I will be missing the huge savings.


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