August Expense/Income Numbers

I’m going to be putting up a monthly post on expenses and income numbers.  It’ll be pretty basic but include everything.  Cash expenses are hard to track but I don’t make too many of them either.  August was a terrible month for me on expenses. I went to Packers training camp, bought a recliner that was necessary for the living room, spent money on my car brakes getting repaired, bought my girl an iPad for our 2 year anniversary, and upgraded my cell phone which was dying.  On top of the usual expenses of rent, food, gas , student loan, cell phone and others.  Not to mention I was laid off for 14 days rendering three severely hampered pay checks.  All in all, I had a terrible month for expenses and will be making it up by budgeting hard and having full paychecks again.



Insurance and Phone

Student Loan

Credit Card
2322.55 (1400 Payment)

Total Expenses:


Check 1
Check 2
Check 3
Check 4
Check 5


Credit Card Cash Back:

Ford Dividend:

Money Market Dividend:

Total Income:

Total Difference:

Again, a very tough month for me.  Extra expenses killed me this month.  I have started a budget and will no longer be spending money on silly stuff.  I could have prevented all of it other than my car, but I had a splurge month.  Now with my indefinite layoff at work announced, it’s hardcore budgeting and responsible spending/saving!

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