Net Worth – September 2014

I’ve done some tinkering here and there about my net worth, but have never done a full analysis.  I will do one here.  It won’t be too in-depth but I will cover the basics!  I will do this assuming it is after payday (Friday) and my check is going towards my current Pay in Full balance on my card.  I hold a payment  balance but only because I have a 0% APR period for another 11 months.


Lil’ Sizzlers Portfolio:
87.35 Value +1.88 Div = 89.22


219.15 Value



Personal Assets:

Total Assets:

Liquid Assets (cash, stock and retirement):


Chase Freedom:
950 Payment Bal (ZERO % APR)

Student Loan:

Total Liablities: 

Net Worth:

Net Worth w/o Student Loan:
11,803.37 (woot)

Well, that was kind of depressing.  I could be on top of the game without those darn student loans.  They just keep growing and growing.  Once I land a steady job that won’t lay me off without notice, I will get those loans pounded out and out of here.  All they are doing is sapping potential income.  All in all, a total net worth is pretty humbling.  Even without the student loans, I am barely worth anything.  It’s crazy to think of the people who are worth millions, or even billions, of dollars.  

I can’t wait to reach the million dollar mark someday!

2 thoughts on “Net Worth – September 2014

  1. Hey Bloodstone,
    Even though you have student loans lurking give yourself some credit for actually recognizing the debt and doing something about it. That alone sets you much ahead of many of the millenials. Thanks for mentioning me on your site also I’m digging your WordPress theme 😉
    I’ll definitely be following for future posts.



    • Ace, thanks for stopping in! Definitely. I hail from BB.Com actually and I saw your post in some thread and stopped in to your page. You have a great blog going and I’m looking forward to interacting. Yes, student loans suck, but once I get a well paying job they can be gone in two years.


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